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Light Ridge

Products to help maximise ventilation for livestock.

An active ventilating ridge system designed to improve air circulation through livestock buildings by providing an exit path through the roof ridge for warm stale air while, at the same time, improving the transmission of natural light into the building.


  • Well ventilated buildings, a healthier environment for livestock
  • Less risk of diseases such as pneumonia, mastitis and scours
  • Improves ventilation, increases natural light
  • No fans or moving parts – needs no adjustment
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Ventilation ridge fits to new and existing buildings
  • Waterproof and snow-load-tested
  • Standard ridge suitable to 350m above sea level
  • ACR Red Book Test approved. Class B Non Fragile Assembly [ACR(M) 001:2005]
Light Ridge Exterior
Galebreaker Ventilation Light Ridge
Total Ventilation Control
Combine with Galebreaker VVS for total ventilation control
Light Ridge Wind Guide Plates Light Ridge schematic
Tailored wind guide plates that make the system ‘active’ in almost any weather conditions
Used in conjunction with VVS, can help provide total ventilation control



Widths 1m, 2m, 3m
Roof Pitches 12.5° to 22.5°
Air Exhaust 600mm
Roof Panels Toughened PVC
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